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Essential debt management solutions for individuals, families and enterprises
One-step debt management by an elite team

SBH offers the following professional services to help you with long-term bank debt management. This is a debt management chain, through which you have the flexibility to choose our services according to your individual needs.

Debt Management
1. Debt Management – ‘Easy on Debt’ bank debt management
Bank loans will be restructured to ensure affordable repayments. Our ‘Easy on Debt’ debt management system helps you lower interest rates and pay off your bank debts on affordable terms.
Portfolio Building
2. Portfolio Management
After resolving your debts, you will enter the ‘Personal Credit Rating Optimization’ stage (Portfolio Management) to help you optimize your personal credit rating and rating scores, and make full preparations so that you can borrow from banks at any time.
Personal Loan Application
3. Bank Loan Consultancy (SME/ Personal/ Business Loan Consultation)
Once your personal or SME bank loan has been reinforced and optimized, our financial consultants will do the following two things based on your financial situation and insight on the purpose of your loan:
1. The financial consultants will analyze the right type of loans (such as credit card, personal loan, SME loan etc.) and the loan privileges of various banks;

2. According to your financial situation, they will evaluate each bank and the type of loan from a short-term or long-term perspective, and suggest the most optimal loan scheme to help you make the smartest choice;

3. They will then explain to you the subsequent repayment plan after obtaining the bank loan to ensure that you pay off the bank loan on affordable terms;

*In certain cases, we do not suggest customers getting a bank loans, e.g. in cases of borrowing a new loan to clear off an old one.
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Mortgage Refinance
4. Account Management
We will provide you with sound professional advice and assistance with regards to your bank loans, and do a good job of bank loan account management and all the necessary preparations, such as tax returns and other required documents. This is the most critical stage for a bank loan approval. Adequate documentation and compliance with bank approval criteria greatly increases the chance of securing a loan. Additionally, we also offer professional accounting services to meet all your accounting needs. These include everything from simple book-keeping; monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements, SST and GST taxation submission, as well as professional accounting advice. Read more
Mortgage Refinance
5. Financial Education
SBH has been carrying out educational activities on debt management and financial management for a long time. We invite financial experts from the banking industry to impart the knowledge and concepts of debt management and financial management. From these educational activities, you will learn the following valuable knowledge that will benefit you for life:
  • Placing debt in the correct perspective. In fact, a debt is not a bad thing per se. A lot of people make good use of bank resources to create their own wealth. The most important thing is to know how to pay it off;
  • Banks provide a wide range of financial facilities, and you will learn to make the best use of bank resources to create your own wealth or healthy cash flow for your business;
  • A lot of people are afraid of bank loans, but if planned and used correctly, bank loans are a blessing. It is an undeniable fact that banks have helped countless people get rich.
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Mortgage Loan
6. Mortgage Loans & Refinance
A lot of people make punctual, monthly repayments for their bank loans. You always have better alternatives to a loan, such as lower interest rates or shorter payback periods. As a matter of fact, we have a ready proven plan to help you save on mortgage interest. You only need to follow the plan to save up to 50% interest and, at the same time, shorten the payback period.

*Terms and conditions apply
Mortgage Refinance
7. Passive Income Management
There are various legitimate investment channels available in the market, from which our financial consultants can provide you with professional and reliable investment solutions. More importantly, these investment solutions and investment companies that are regulated by Bank Negara can help you generate a stable passive income.

Our core services are succinctly narrated in the above account, which represents a bank debt management chain for everyone, including SMEs. You are welcomed to choose individual services according to your personal or corporate financial needs.

* Please note that not everyone is eligible for bank loans. In the event that you do not qualify, we will tell you frankly and show you how to prepare for future loans.

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Caring Services

Empathetic + caring assistance to ease debt repayment & secure loans

As a professional financial consultancy, we are deeply concerned about your debts and loans, and we promise to deliver the following in our services:

1. Bank debt repayment solution:
A debt rescheduling plan will be drawn up based on your current financial situation and income to pay off bank debts in a painless manner, without affecting your good reputation.

2. Bank loan solution:
With so many types of bank loan products available in the market, it is the duty of a professional financial consultant to select the types of loan that is most beneficial to you, one which best suits your actual needs, including the analysis of interest rates that are the most conducive and so on.

We encourage smart borrowing, with 100% fund coming from a bank

More to the point, SBH does not provide loans. With our bank debt management and bank loan programs, all funds are 100% secured from banks. Everything is done in accordance with bank regulations, so that you can borrow with complete peace of mind and enjoy an easy repayment scheme at the same time!

Proprietary Systems

Bankruptcy due to debts?
‘Easy on Debt’ can help you!

If you are thinking of seeking help from AKPK (Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit) to relieve your credit card debts, personal loans or bad debts, we recommend that you understand our ‘Easy on Debt’ bank debt management plan first.

‘Easy on Debt’, SBH’s proprietary debt management plan and the first of its kind in Malaysia, has obtained the trademark patent registration ‘TM’. It is a successful debt management system that has help relieve countless credit card debts or personal bank loans.

‘Easy on Debt’ is a bank debt management solution customized to each financial debt situation. It can effectively help you reduce your debt interest rate, extend your debt repayment period and save you from personal reputation damage, wherein your credit card or personal loan debts are expected be paid off effectively.

Choose the best solution and prevent debt complications
Compare first, decide later

Our ‘Easy on Debt’ bank debt management system offers the 5 following major benefits:

  • Just follow your ‘Easy on Debt’ plan, and we guarantees that you can pay off your bank debts as expected;
  • It is not a ‘new-debt-to-cover-old-debts’ plan, and you do not need to get another bank loan;
  • After you have paid off your debts with the ‘Easy on Debt’ plan, your accessibility to bank loans will not be affected;
  • The ‘Easy on Debt’ plan will safeguard your personal reputation, and will not affect your business start-up in any way;
  • Guaranteed no complications in your business or subsequent bank loans after you have paid off your debts with the ‘Easy on Debt’ plan.
The ultimate plan before bankruptcy, no regrets for bank loans!

AKPK is a good plan, but ‘Easy on Debt’ is also regarded as a reliable and effective personal bank debt management scheme by bankers. We would strongly recommend that you compare the two schemes before you make an informed decision.

*As a matter of fact, there are bankers who often refer their bad debt customers to us for assistance, whose bank debts we help clear off with ‘Easy on Debt’.

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5 Key Considerations

If you apply for bank loans yourself or through other organizations, you may face these 5 major disadvantages:
1. When you apply for a bank loan yourself, you will only know the loan scheme and information of one bank. You will not be aware of better privileges from other banks;
2. There is only one bank officer at your service. He will submit your application only if all required documents are there, but he may not be concerned about your financial situation;
3. If your application is submitted in rashly and if it is not approved, it will affect subsequent loans from other banks (If the first bank does not approve the loan, it will often affect subsequent bank approval rates);
4. The person-in-charge of submission may only be superficially aware of your financial situation, and therefore cannot make the best recommendation for you;
5. Even if the loan is released, you may not know how to save on the interest and restructure your debts, therefore everything will run in accordance with the bank’s covenants on monthly fund release;
1. We have the loan products and the latest information from various banks for effective comparisons;
2. Every consultancy team member, each with their distinct expertise, will weigh all the possibilities to come up with the most suitable bank loan advice for you;
3. After a thorough understanding of your financial situation, we will lead you through the document preparation steps and submit an application dossier in full confidence that your loan approval rate will be increased;
4. We will select from various bank loan products and choose the loan option that are the beneficial to you according to your loan needs;
5. After the loan is released, we will help you cut down the interest rate or adjust the amortization period, so that you can pay it off efficiently. We will also help you get ready for future bank loans.
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